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Training Modes

Flipped Classroom

Choose 24X7 Access to Learning Platform (LMS) along with Instructor-led Sessions classroom training to meet specific needs.

Flexible Schedule

Choose the time as per your convenience to skill up your team.

Delivered by Highest Industry Standard & Practices

Train with courses designed & delivered by experienced native industry experts directly from Japan.

Customized Course Content

We offer to your organization the customize course content as per your team requirements.

Expert Mentorship

Learn directly from industry acclaimed experts. Our experts will clear doubts, and consistently review your work.

Process and Expertise

Training Service Tool gives complete control over the process of evaluating trainees and trainers

Stable Technology Platform

Train teams seamlessly in our high-end secured technologies platform accessible 24 x 7 from any locations on any device


Business Japanese Communication
Japanese Business Etiquette







There are 5 courses – Beginner Course, Kanji Course, N5, N4 & N3. Our flipped environment offers English subtitles throughout the course for easy understanding for a non-native learner of the program. All the trainees upon completion of each course will receive Certificate of completion from Japan.



  • The courses are aimed for non –native students who want to learn Japanese on a smart flipped platform with 100% native Japanese contents. 

  • Courses offered by JAPAN EDUCATION CENTER AND INFORMATION (JECI) are suitable for all levels, from beginners to advanced learners. 

  • You can learn and practice all four skills of the Japanese language — speaking, listening, reading, and writing.

  • The classes with details explanation are accessible to the students by the video and audio materials along with downloadable e-books for practicing exercises by the students at any time. In other words, you do not have to buy any books.

  • The program contains actual native situation video role plays. This methodology is helpful to learn native communication techniques.

  • As our program is offered in a flipped environment with native Japanese content, it saves the conventional learning time by 60% or even more in most of the time and the cost of native curriculum by 90%. This makes our solution truly effective in two ways. (1) The students get access to teaching and the classroom environment accessible in video formats 24 x 7 which includes mobile devices too. This means that the students has teacher handy with them all the time which otherwise under conventional teaching methods restricts sessions attended by the students only during the classroom time. (2) It meets company’s objective in Fast Track – Time Bound – Industry Focused framework where timeline is precious in a fast moving industry for defined and conclusive engagement.

  • The program is offered concurrently with live classes visited by our Certified Japanese Language instructor either at your company facility or at one of our JECI Skill Center facility in India where you can send your employees to train or by connecting remotely to your facility over Smart Classes.

  • Online weekly test is a part of the program for students merit evaluation and for certification from Japan.

Why a company should choose Japan Education Center and Information (JECI) as its Japanese Language Training Partner?

Beginner Level Japanese to N3 Level Japanese Proficiency

Even though we offer training for the highest level which is N1, we recommend non-native person to train from Basic level to N3 Level. A person with N3 aptitude builds confidence of their Japanese ability and will be able to communicate proficiently in Japanese Language on a day to day basis.  Corporate Learners can however continue to train with N2 & N1 with JECI upon completion of N3 Level of Japanese.

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