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A Dictionary of Japanese Grammar for Learning Language 3- BOOK Bundle Set , Basic , Intermediate , Advanced - Japan Import
The Dictionary of Japanese Grammar series, an enduring favorite.
This ever-popular series of dictionary-style grammar guides comprises three volumes-basic, intermediate, and advanced-with each presenting some 200 key grammar items, along with analysis of sentence patterns, abundant example sentences, and easy-to-understand explanations in English. The books also thoroughly explains common pitfalls and the distinctions in usage of similar expressions, helping users to develop an even stronger grasp of Japanese grammar. A must-have reference for learners and teachers alike.
Japanese Picture Dictionary: Learn 1,500 Japanese Words and Phrases (Ideal for JLPT & AP Exam Prep; Includes Online Audio) (Tuttle Picture Dictionary) Hardcover
This picture dictionary covers the 1,500 most useful Japanese words and phrases. Each word and sentence is given in Japanese script—with a Romanized version to help you pronounce it correctly—along with the English meaning.

The words are grouped into 40 different themes or topics, including basics like meeting someone new and using public transportation to culture-specific topics like celebrating Japanese holidays and eating Japanese food.
This colorful picture dictionary includes companion online audio recordings by native Japanese speakers of all the vocabulary and sentences
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