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This is a New HR development Project that embraces Japanese Language network and Engineering network spread across south Asia. Accompanied by Japanese language institutions from those companies、selecting talented and skillful engineers in their early stages、Improving the candidates adaptability in the Japanese environment, and therefore connecting them to companies. Through this we aim to strengthen the relations of Japan with the rest of south Asia.
Select "Employment Search Tour to Japan" in the "Apply Online Page" at the time of submission of application. Please upload your most recent resume along with the online application.
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Duration/Oct 2019 to Dec 2019 (3 months)


■ Approx. No. of Candidates/10~30


■ School Location: Tokyo

■ Job Search Location: Tokyo


■ Participation Requirements: Acquired JLPT N3 Level Certificate/Possess good performance and results in the field of engineering.

※If required, the executive office will host web interviews.


■ Cost Estimate: Course Fee、Accommodation fee、Travel fee (Airfare)、Food・communication etc.; together will roughly sum up to 500,000 Yen (Approximately INR 3.2 Lacs).


■ Regarding travel procedures: Submit all necessary documents to Japan Education Center and Information (JECI) in order to apply for the VISA。The flight ticket and the short term VISA issuance procedure will be arranged upon  receipt of all necessary documents.


■ Accommodation site: Designated Dormitory will arranged by the executive office in Tokyo.


■ Necessary documents for your application: Passport、flight ticket、Resume、Proof of Japanese Language study(Certificate of completion of Japanese language schools, Japanese language exam results, etc.)、Bank Statement、Certificate of expected/graduation of the current school/institution、Any relevant certificates to appeal company interviews.


■ Application deadline/For Oct 2019 intake, deadline: 31st July 2019

■ Registration charges: INR 17,500 (For applicant in India)

                                  JPY 28,000 (For applicant in Japan)

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