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Welcome to Active Learning Student Exchange Program to Japan

Japan Education Center (JECI) is happy to introduce Active learning Student Exchange Program for the school students in India with the students of top Japanese Schools. People to people engagement between Japan and India are in the rise in the recent years as a result of Japan being India’s Global Strategic Partner in the 21st Century. Active learning methodology by Japan Education Center is another step forward in the same direction where student of each country will learn from the other its best practices in education so that they can complement and become the true ambassadors of the respective countries and will also bring back with them knowledge of the respective country thereby becoming true Ambassadors of each other’s country for life.

What is Active Learning Student Exchange Program to Japan?

Active learning program designed by Japan Education Center is another step forward with a focus to engage students in learning those areas which are useful for student’s life.


  • Through active learning, the Indian students will take active participation with the Japanese students in the Japanese schools by experientially involving in learning certain aspects of Japanese education in the school like cleanliness, harvesting crops, knowledge of different types of martial arts and introduction to Japanese language and culture are just to mention a few.

  • Indian students will reciprocate to the Japanese students with their knowledge of yoga, mathematics, IT skills and English and Indian culture to mention a few. In other words, it is a process where Indian and Japanese students will take active participation to exchange knowledge from each other.

  • Active learning is learner-centered, not teacher-centered, and requires more than just listening; active participation of each and every student is a necessary aspect in active learning. This mechanism will assist students to enhance their higher order thinking capabilities which will going to last lifelong.

Who can apply for the program?

Students of Grade 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 & 12 are eligible to apply

Pictures from the past Student Exchange Program


Videos from the past Student Exchange Program

Ambassador of India to Japan H.E. Mr. Sujan R. Chinoy presence and welcome message

Indian Students singing Indian National Anthem in Japanese School in Tokyo

Indian students doing Indian national flag hoisting ceremony in Japanese school in Tokyo

Japanese students dance performance in student exchange program

Indian students performing Indian folk song for the Japanese students

A full day trip to the Tokyo Disney Land

Japanese students and the Indian students enjoying a fun filled day at the Tokyo Disney Land

Embassy of India in Tokyo involving Indian students and Japanese students in Yoga in the Embassy of India premises in Tokyo

Japanese students singing their school's theme song in the farewell event

Japanese students doing drills in student exchange farewell party

Indian classical dance performance by Indian students as a part of the active learning student exchange program to Japan

Japanese rice ball (Onigiri) making workshop attended by the Indian students a part of the Active Learning Student Exchange Program

Students entering the Tokyo Disney Land

Indian students observing Japanese students practicing basketball in their school's arena

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