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Japan is expected to diminish present days workforce population of 78 million to 42 million in the next 30 years which is equal to half of the present workforce population of France and United Kingdom.

The Japanese ministry reports shows a natural population decline of 403000 took place in 2017, the biggest ever and an increase of 72000 from the previous year and will grow exponentially in the years ahead.

The present days Japan's population of 127 million is expected to diminish by 35 million people in the next 30 years.

In other words, Japan will need huge work force for Japan in the coming decades that the world never witnessed in the last 100 years. It is worthwhile for Indian youth to learn about Japan.

Japan India Perspective

India being Japan's top strategic partner in Japan's LOOK EAST POLICY in the 21st century will add huge scope for the Indian youth to associate in wider areas of co-operation for Japan throughout the world. It is worthwhile for the youthful India to learn about Japan.

Applicants certified with following Vocational Courses or presently pursuing the below courses are encouraged to apply for this program under Japanese Govt. Guidelines:

¤ Cultivation agriculture ¤ Livestock agriculture ¤ Fishing boat fisheries ¤ Aquaculture ¤ Well drilling ¤ Building sheet metal work ¤ Freezing and air conditioning apparatus installing ¤ Fixture making ¤ Carpentry ¤ Frame working ¤ Reinforcing bar construction ¤ Scaffolding ¤ Building stone construction ¤ Tiling ¤ Tile roofing ¤ Plastering ¤ Plumbing ¤ Heat insulation ¤ Interior finishing ¤ Sash setting ¤ Waterproofing ¤ Concrete pressure feeding ¤ Well point construction ¤ Paper hanging ¤ Application of construction equipment ¤ Furnace installation ¤ Can seaming for canned foods ¤ Poultry processing industry ¤ Marine Heated fishery processed foodstuff manufacturing work ¤ Non-heated fishery processed foodstuff manufacturing work ¤ Fish paste making ¤ Beef and pork processing industry ¤ Ham, sausage and bacon making ¤ Bread Baking ¤ Ready-made meal manufacturing work ¤ Spinning operation ¤ Weaving operation ¤ Dyeing ¤ Knit goods manufacturing ¤ Warp knitted fabrics manufacturing ¤ Ladies’ and children’s dress making ¤ Tailoring men’s suit making ¤ Underwear manufacturing ¤ Bedclothes making ¤ Carpet manufacturing ¤ Canvas product making ¤ Cloth sewing ¤ Seat product sewing ¤ Casting ¤ Forging ¤ Die casting ¤ Machining ¤ Metal press ¤ Iron work ¤ Factory sheet metal work ¤ Electroplating ¤ Aluminium anodizing ¤ Finishing ¤ Machine inspection ¤ Machine maintenance ¤ Electronic equipment assembling ¤ Electric equipment assembling ¤ Print wiring board manufacturing ¤ Furniture making ¤ Printing ¤ Book binding ¤ Plastic moulding ¤ Reinforced plastic moulding ¤Painting ¤ Welding ¤ Industrial packaging ¤ Carton box and corrugated card board box making ¤ Industrial manufacturing of pottery ¤ Automobile repair and maintenance ¤ Building cleaning management ¤ Care worker ¤ Airport ground handling




✓ Vocational courses certificate holders

✓ University graduates

✓ Students with basic Japanese language skills

✓ Program semesters starts 4 times a year in Japan (January, April, July &


✓ An applicant needs to start application process 6 months in advance

    depending upon which semester they want to apply

The program suits best for individuals with some work experience and with the following educational background: 


Click here to submit application online. Select the check box "Study | Work | Live in Japan at the time of submitting application

Upon initial screening of your application, we will contact you to visit to JECI Skill Center closest to you for a written test & a personal interview. Keep enough time with you as it takes 1 hour 30 minutes for the test and the interview

Upon qualifying the test and the interview, an applicant will be given compete application program kit for processing application for the STUDY | WORK | LIVE IN JAPAN 

Applicants are required to return all the application kit by the application deadline for the semesters chosen along with the application processing fees

University Graduates or Students pursuing final year of undergraduate program with following discipline are encouraged to apply for this program

Applicants starts 5 months Beginners Japanese Language program with JECI in India. This is prerequisite prior to joining Japanese Language Institute in Japan. JECI submits application documents for the applicant concurrently with the institute in Japan to apply for the Certificate of Eligibility (COE) on behalf of the applicant with the Ministry of Justice in Japan. It takes around 3 months to obtain COE for a international student from Japan

Upon receipt of the COE, the applicant needs to visit the nearest Diplomatic mission of Japan in India to apply for the visa. Once you are issued a visa by the Embassy, you will depart for joining the institute in Japan. Please note that the decision of issuance of visa stays with the Embassy. So, proper readiness is essential to succeed the VISA INTERVIEW 

Upon arrival in Japan, JECI officials and the officials from your institute will assist you with smooth transition which includes orientation of your institution, housing, local phone connection, know how of local transportation, assisting in finding PART TIME JOB. etc. 

A student is expected to attend his institute on a Full Time basis. If you so want to pursue higher education after finishing your Japanese language education in Japan, your institute as well JECI will assist you with the admission procedure in TOP UNIVERSITY OF JAPAN.

JECI will also assist you to find FULL-TIME JOB upon completion of your Japanese Language program in Japan.

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